Die at age 95 Judith Kerr, author of 'The tiger who came to tea'


The British writer and illustrator of German origin Judith Kerr died yesterday in London at 95. Survivor of the Holocaust, Kerr is the author of the classic of children's literature 'The tiger who came to drink the tea', in addition to the creator of the cat series 'Mog'.

Born in Berlin in 1923, the writer, daughter of the prominent playwright Alfred Kerr, fled Germany in 1933 after a policeman warned his family that they were in the sights of Nazism. This incident is told, from a child's point of view, in the autobiographical juvenile book 'When Hitler Stole the Pink Rabbit' (1971). Judith Kerr said that she lived that flight like a child's game in which she had to abandon her favorite toy, without understanding the anguished situation her parents suffered.

'The tiger that came to tea' was published in 1968, translated into 30 languages ​​and sold five million copies. The book tells the story of a girl, Sofia, and her mother, who are interrupted their snack by a tiger. «It was a story I invented for my daughter when she was three years old, my husband was traveling and we were very bored. We were expecting someone to come and I thought a tiger could be fun, "Kerr said in an interview with AFP.

The writer received the Order of the British Empire in 2012 for her services to children's literature and education about the Holocaust. 'When Hitler stole the pink rabbit' is included in the school programs of Germany.

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