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Different Fate! Raffi’s ‘Owned’ Shares Shoot, Wulan Guritno Drops

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The shares of the issuer that was linked to the famous artist Raffi Ahmad, PT Digital Mediatama Maxima Tbk (DMMX), managed to close the week by becoming one of the top gainers at the close of trading Friday (21/5/2021).

Being at a different pole, the shares of the issuer managing restaurant Lucy in The Sky, PT Lima Dua Lima Tiga Tbk (LUCY) became a ‘loser’ after dropping 9%. Previously, shares of issuers whose independent commissioners were artists famous Wulan Guritno has collapsed 7 times in a row and touched down auto rejection (ARB).

The Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) closed sluggish today. JCI fell 0.42% to 5,773,120 at the close of the second trading session, Friday (21/5).

According to IDX data, 179 stocks rose, 309 stocks declined and 154 stocks were stagnant, with a transaction value of Rp 9.97 trillion and trading volume reaching 15.72 billion shares.

Amid the weakness of the JCI ‘muscles’, foreign stock market investors entered Indonesia with a record that foreign net purchases reached Rp 130.90 billion in the regular market. Meanwhile, foreigners recorded a net sale in the negotiation market and cash market of Rp 1.50 billion.

Here are 5 stocks for today’s session II top gainers and losers (21/5).

Top Gainers

  1. International MNC Bank (BABP), shares + 24.44%, to Rp. 112, transaction of Rp. 173.9 billion

  2. Multipolar (MLPL), + 12.15%, to IDR 406, transaction of IDR 271.8 Billion

  3. Digital Mediatama Maxima (DMMX), + 11.11%, to IDR 1,050, transaction of IDR 83.0 B

  4. Putra Rajawali Kencana (PURA), + 10.48%, to IDR 137, transaction of IDR 106.9 billion

  5. Lancartama Sejati (TAMA), + 10.34%, to IDR 64, transaction of IDR 10.9 billion

Top Losers

  1. Five Two Five Three (LUCY), shares -9.09%, to IDR 50, transaction IDR 11.5 billion

  2. Surya Esa Perkasa (ESSA), -6.81%, to IDR 356, transaction of IDR 26.8 Billion

  3. Bank Panin Dubai Syariah (PNBS), -6.72%, to IDR 111, transaction of IDR 76.9 B

  4. Kapuas Prima Coal (ZINC), -6.29%, to IDR 134, transaction IDR 31.3 Billion

  5. Bank BTPN Syariah (BTPS), -6.01%, to IDR 2,660, transaction of IDR 60.6 Billion

Looking at the data above, shares of an issuer engaged in digital trade marketing, DMMX, managed to rank as the third top gainer after surging 11.11% to Rp 1,050 / share.

The transaction value of DMMX shares was recorded at IDR 83 billion. Although it strengthened, foreigners were recorded to have exited this stock amounting to Rp 10.03 billion.

With this, DMMX shares managed to accelerate in the green territory for 4 consecutive days, with top gainers reaching 24.50% last Wednesday (19/5).

This 4 consecutive day increase occurred after correction for 4 consecutive years, or since May 7.

With this, DMMX shares managed to jump 43.84% in the week and jumped 81.03% in the past month.

The issuer’s shares that are included in the IDX TECHNO index were once associated with artists and public figure well-known, Raffi Ahmad, some time ago.

Based on the disclosure of information on the IDX, DMMX is noted to have collaborated with a company owned by Raffi Ahmad, an artist who is commonly known as ‘Sultan Andara’, to form a joint venture company.

DMMX collaborates with RANS Entertainment (RANS), the talent agency owned by Raffi Ahmad, to build a digital social media marketing platform and the establishment of a joint venture (JV), PT DMMX Rans Digital (DIGIRANS). This company will manage the platform. DMMX owns 33.33% of shares valued at IDR 300 million.

Meanwhile, LUCY’s shares again fell by 9.09% to IDR 50 / share.

Just note, LUCY’s shares are listed on the Acceleration Board which allows this share price to go up and down in the range of 10%.

With this, LUCY’s share price is lower than the price at the initial public offering (IPO) of IDR 100 / share.

Unlike a number of other new IPO stocks, LUCY’s ‘ARA fever (auto rejection over)’ period is very short, i.e. only on the first day of stock listing, on May 5, 2021.

After rising 1.82% on Thursday (6/5), this stock continues to be ‘slammed’ for 8 days in a row until today.

For information only, LUCY officially took the floor on the stock exchange on Wednesday morning (5/5/2021). LUCY is engaged in the consumer cyclicals sector with the consumer services sub-sector. The industry of LUCY is tourism and recreation with the restaurant sub industry.

LUCY’s initial public offering (IPO) price is IDR 100, with a total number of shares listed as many as 1,030,000,000 shares, so its market capitalization is IDR 104 billion.

The company released 337,500,000 to the public, while the shares registered by the old shareholders were 697,500 shares, so that the total shares listed on the IDX were 1,035,500,000. With an IPO price of Rp 100, the funds raised in this IPO reached Rp 33.75 billion.

In terms of management and management, the country’s top artist, Wulan Guritno and the son-in-law of a well-known designer, Ghea Panggabean, Surya Andarurachman Putra are behind this Five Two Five Three.

Wulan Guritno, or Sri Wulandari, is listed as an independent commissioner at the company. Meanwhile, Surya became the President Director.


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