Digital Medicine – Hemophilia Federation launches campaign to inform patients about the availability of treatments in public health institutions

Mexico City. With almost 30 years of work in providing access to health for people living with hemophilia in Mexico, the Federation of Hemophilia of the Mexican Republic (FHRM) presented the campaign #TodosfamiliaTodosHemofilia that aims to inform people living with this condition on access to treatment and a prophylaxis scheme, which is currently guaranteed in the national health system.

Today the community that lives with Hemophilia, still faces different problems to have access to treatment, among them are: ignorance of diagnosis, that the patient is in communities far from specialized health institutions, lack of information about the availability of treatment and not having social security.

Although treatment is already available, of the more than 5,800 people living with hemophilia in Mexico, only 30% of the pediatric population and 8% of the adult population have access to a prophylactic treatment scheme1, this means It is applied periodically to prevent bleeding and joint damage.

Minerva Cruz, president of the FHRM board of directors, affirmed that, “we can all join this campaign thanks to technology, since, by sharing it with a message, a video, an audio or an image, we could change someone’s life still miles away; a simple action like this would help us to inform and detect possible patients ”, he highlighted.

Hemophilia is the deficiency or absence of factor VIII (type A) or factor IX (type B), which prevents the blood from clotting as it should, lack of treatment generates mainly motor sequelae and an episode of bleeding not treated correctly or in time can have a fatal outcome.

At present, hemophilia should no longer be a death sentence, nor cause disabilities, since today there are all therapeutic alternatives for a person living with hemophilia to have a full and unlimited life, as long as they have the appropriate treatment , adequate and sufficient.

“We are facing an unprecedented effort in Mexico, in which the government, health institutions and civil society have joined in order to help people living with hemophilia, but it is important to raise awareness among the patient and their families so that they attend to the health institutions to receive the treatment ”, concluded the representative of the FHRM.

The campaign will have a nationwide multimedia outlet, through the Federation’s social networks (Website, Facebook and YouTube), radio and peripherals, with the aim of impacting both Internet users and the most vulnerable populations for who access to information is more limited.

For more information on this condition, the Federation makes available the page

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