Digital medicine is not just “tele” Still too many misunderstandings to overcome

You hear about digital health and assistance, often in a confusing way. In fact, the two concepts are the practical translation of the term telesalute, which many times misused as a synonym for telemedicine. The Digital Health and care Institute, Scottish institute, explains well what it is: spost the balance of care from a traditional treatment model to one based on the development of innovations in the field of health and digital assistance focused on prevention, early diagnosis, post-event assistance and independent assisted living.

Approach to people and not to diseases made with digital tools

Today telemedicine on everyone’s lips, but the telemedicine across the international context a subset of digital health and assistance, digital health, telehealth. We all want Health 4.0, systemic, with an approach to people and not to diseases made with digital tools, but be careful not to confuse everything this with telemedicine. Artificial intelligence, wearable devices, the electronic health record, digital therapies, are all tools. There is much more to digital health and assistance than television or telemonitoring. Attention colleagues, engineers, patient associations. Be careful what you ask for when you clamor for telemedicine: if they give it to you, you may find that it was not what you wanted!

* Member of Digital Health Working Group, European Public Health Alliance (WG-DH EPHA); CIRM medical director

September 14, 2020 (change September 14, 2020 | 19:32)



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