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Dinner ready for only 2 euros, rich in nutrients: you will surely surprise everyone

Have you ever imagined having a delicious dinner for only 2 euros? Well, this recipe will surprise you.

This is delicious and cheap recipes which will not make you spend more than 2 euros. Try.

The taste of vegetables

There are days when, as we know, it is positive to vary and alternate meat dishes or cold cuts and cured meats.

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In fact, experts in the field advise us not to overdo it, and consume meat to the maximum three or four times a week.

Of course, nonetheless, this is a general rule that can change depending on the personal requirements of all people.

So, an excellent alternative, of course, they are there vegetable dishes. Even better, nonetheless, if the vegetables are typical of the current season.

At this point, then, we would like to show you an easy recipe, cheap and made with virtue which they get right during the summer.

We are referring, precisely, to an absolutely delicious, versatile trio that, more often than not, allows us to cook delicious food.

In short, the protagonists of the second fantastic course that we recommend are eggplants, peppers and tomatoes.

In this case, therefore, let’s not waste more precious time and see what the procedure is to do. summer vegetable mix.

Mix of summer vegetables, dinner from 2 euros

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Mixed summer vegetables

Have you ever imagined having a delicious dinner for just 2 euros? Well, this recipe will surprise you.

Dimensions second dish

Kitchen Italian

Mot Mixed summer vegetables

Preparation 10 minutes

Cook 15 minutes

Portion 3 people

  • 1 eggplant
  • 1 green pepper
  • 1 pomodoro
  • parsley
  • sell
  • vegetable oil
  • First, cut the eggplants into thin slices and fry them in a pan with seed oil on both sides.

  • Then fry the green peppers separately, along with the chopped onion and tomato slices. Season with a spoonful of salt.

  • Now remove from the heat and put the eggplant slices, chopped parsley and the cooked tomato in the pan, and cook for a few more minutes.

  • Your summer vegetable mix is ​​ready to serve.

Drink combined with summer vegetable mix

Il summer vegetable mix It is certainly a positive alternative to the usual meat dishes. In this way, moreover, you will make all your guests agree.

In fact, even if you have some vegetarian gueststhanks to this food, there will be no problem.

It is, in fact, one very light recipe and which make use of vegetables typical of the summer season.

It won’t take long to prepare this delicious second course and, even the ingredients are not many.

In short, with little effort, you will probably be able to compose a tasty dish and, at the same time, economical.

Finally, if you also want to match a drink appropriate, let us give you some tips to complete the job.

In this case, since the dish is based on vegetables, you could opt for a glass Vermentino or in Pinot Nero. This combination, in fact, will be absolutely beautiful.

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