Diogenes publisher Philipp Keel in conversation


Philipp Keel, born in 1968, took over the management of Diogenes 2012
Picture: Keystone

For years, Philipp Keel negotiated to buy the second half of the Swiss Diogenes-Verlag from a complicated legacy. Here he tells for the first time how it came about.

Mr Keel, almost exactly one year ago, you said that everything was just a bit too much for you.

Sandra Kegel

That even sounds like me and somehow belongs to my life. It's actually too much for everyone and "a little less" is basically what man constantly strives for. Whenever I want to annoy friends, I sometimes claim that I wish for nothing. But if I arrived there, I would be bored on the spot.

You have made a daring decision for your house, the Diogenes publishing house. You have taken over the shares of Rudolf C. Bettschart, the former partner of your deceased father. How did that happen?

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