Direct: Follow on video the debate between the six candidates to chair the European Commission


21.00 The debate begins. Except Nico Cue (Unitary Left), born in Spain, a trade unionist and resident in Belgium for decades, who will speak French, the rest of the candidates will speak in English. There are two Germans, Weber (he does not rule out speaking in his mother tongue at some point) and Keller, the first candidate from Eastern Europe, Zahradil, a Danish, Vestager, and a Dutchman, Timmermans.

20.54 At we are also offering the live signal along with the comments on the future of the debate.

20.53 The heads of the list of the six main European political groups will face in an electoral debate just a week away from a European election that will decide not only the 751 Euro MPs who will sit in the European Parliament for the next five years, but also who will be at the front of the community executive.

20.51 This Wednesday, the European Parliament Chamber in Brussels becomes a large television set to celebrate the debate between the six candidates to chair the European Commission. Manfred Weber (European People's Party), Frans Timmermans (European Socialists and Democrats), Jan Zahradil (Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists of Europe), Margrethe Vesthager (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe), Ska Keller (European Green Party), and Nico Cué (Party of the European Left) will try to seduce with their proposals for the next legislature more than 400 million Europeans. The one held today, organized by Eurovision, is the only debate in which the six candidates to chair the European Commission (Spitzenkandidats, in European jargon) will participate. . (tagsToTranslate) debate (t) parliament


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