Discomfort in the tribunal of «procés» for the provocations of the defense

In the forty-four trial sessions held so far there had been moments of tension such as those that were experienced yesterday in the plenary hall of the Supreme Court, where the dirty game of some lawyers of the defense tried to obstruct the development of an exemplary view in background and form.

Several witnesses on the part, as trained as instructed by the defenses-proof of this is the script they carried in their hands or the photo they made all together at noon at the gates of the courtroom – provoked the angry reaction of the up to now always correct president of the Room, Manuel Marchena. After the chained incidents, which took place in just one hour, sources of the court did not hide their "deep discomfort" for the defense strategy followed especially by the lawyer and ex-deputies of the CUP Benet Salellas.

The seven judges share the opinion of "misbehavior" shown both by Cuixart's lawyers and witnesses. They consider it "intolerable" and a "provocation" to the court that stands at the edge of the deontological code of the Bar.

The harshest moment arrived after ten thirty in the morning, with the testimony of the philosopher and essayist Marina Garcés. He began his statement by saying that the only contact he has with Jordi Cuixart is a coffee that "we have been waiting for a year and a half". "I ask him if he has any relationship with the defendant, not if he has a pending coffee," he snapped, agile, Marchena.

Shortly after, the witness's allusion to the feverish state that prevented her from being in a polling place early in the morning of the 1-O arrived. «The fever has no legal significance (…). And do not reply (the witness interrupted him): tell us about when you went to vote ».

But the philosopher returned to introduce a valuation when saying that the 1 of October when it arrived at the center of voting "hallucinated". "You do not come here to explain to the court your degree of hallucination or your feverish state. His personal valuations have no interest, and although he would love to expand (…) we can not waste time ». Then come a reprimand for the use that the witness was doing a script with the answers to the questions that the lawyer Salellas made. «You can not consult a script about what I had planned in this room; answer the questions as they are asked, please ». And, at the same time, the lawyer who interrogated her, also took his own: "Mr. Salellas, did not understand that the perceptions of the witness, what he felt or did not feel, have no legal significance," reproached Marchena. It was precisely what the lawyer was looking for, because he did not hesitate to make a protest accompanied by his complaint about the violation of the right of defense that some lawyers threaten to take to Strasbourg even before the trial begins.

Another of the most grueling moments of the morning was with Lluis Matamala, a jurist witness who just took a seat and expressed interest in declaring in Catalan. "You can not advocate an alternative interpretation of Article 23 (of the Organic Law of the Judiciary) because you are a third party; the only ones who could do so are accusations or defenses. If you do not want to answer in Spanish, you get up, take the consequences and we're done ».

But there were no consequences, because the apparent emboldening of many of the witnesses who aspire to their moment of glory turns into absolute submission every time Marchena opens her mouth. (tagsToTranslate) malaise (t) tribunal (t) proces (t) provocations (t) defense

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