Discord’s best music bots will cease to exist because of Google

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There are a lot of bots on Discord that give you different options to manage your community or have a good time. Some of them are used for you to listen to music with your friends while you are on a voice channel. Unfortunately, the best bots for this stopped operating a few days ago because of Google.

What happens is that Google sent a cease and desist order to the creator of Groovy, a bot for listening to music on Discord. Faced with this situation, they decided that it was best to end the history of the bot as of August 30.

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But why was Google able to kill Groovy? What happens is that the bot worked by taking the audio directly from YouTube videos. The foregoing violates YouTube’s terms of service which state that it is prohibited to “modify the service and use it for commercial terms.” Plus, he took content by skipping YouTube commercials.

It should be mentioned that Groovy was immensely popular and was installed on more than 16 million servers. For this reason, its creator is surprised that Google has not acted before.

“I want to thank each and every one of you for using Groovy. Everyone played a part in shaping it into what it is today. I hope you have a wonderful day, ”said the creator of Groovy.

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Groovy wasn’t the only one affected

While Groovy could be considered the most popular music bot on Discord, the reality is that it was not the only one. This also means that he didn’t just go to the guillotine either.

On their official website, the creators of Rythm reported that YouTube asked them to stop operating to avoid legal trouble. That is why as of September 15 it will cease to operate completely.

The good news is that the creators of Rythm are working on something new. They assure that it is a project that will “revolutionize” the way we listen to music. He also invited the community to keep the bot on their servers and to subscribe to his mailing list to receive news.

“We want to thank you all for choosing Rythm and believing in us for all these years. We know that your experience on Discord will not be the same without Rythm, but be aware, it is not the end, “said the creators of the bot.

And you, will you miss these Discord bots? Did you use to wear them a lot? Tell us in the comments.

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