Discover 10 Unusual Articles of Employment Law, Hotman Paris: Unpaid Employer of 4 Years Prison

SHARE THE NEWSWork Creation Act which was passed by the Government on October 5, 2020, was quite controversial.

Hotman Paris in fact, it provides good news to the public after reading the draft all Law Work Creation Act.

This was conveyed through a video uploaded to the @hotmanparisofficial Instagram account on Saturday, October 17, 2020.

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The 53-second video was uploaded in a casual event with the CEO of Indonesia Ladies at Ancol.

Some article which is inside Work Creation Act claimed to be beneficial to workers and laborers, one of which is about severance pay.

After reading the draft Work Creation Act, Hotman Paris find content that highlights the occasion article about the law criminal for actors who do not give rights to laborers and workers.

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Hotman Paris claims there are 10 articles in the law all Law contains threats criminal to employer which does not fulfill the rights of workers.


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