Discover on an x-ray that your penis is becoming bone


Trauma to the knee has allowed a 63-year-old man to discover, through an x-ray, that his penis is becoming bone. This is reported by the doctors who attended him in the magazine "Urology Case Reports".

Penis ossification, an extremely rare condition, with less than 40 cases reported worldwide, has been traditionally related to Peyronie's disease (PD), although there are other less common causes, such as metabolic disorders, trauma, chronic hemodialysis and infections by syphilis and gonorrhea. The hardened plaque reduces flexibility and leads to a curvature of the penis during erection, which can cause erectile dysfunction.

Penis ossification is a process by which calcium salts accumulate in soft tissues, forming extra-skeletal bone. It is usually carried out in the middle of the shaft of the penis and there are few cases that report the involvement of the entire shaft. The report of this case reveals the ossification in the entire shaft of the penis in a 63-year-old patient, with a medical history of alcoholism, who presented in the emergency department for a pain in the knee after a fall on her buttocks.

The physical exam was negative except for a pain in the penis. A pelvic radiograph performed to rule out any fracture showed severe and asymmetric degenerative changes of the right hip. It also revealed extensive plaque-shaped calcification along the penis. The diagnosis of penile ossification along the entire axis of the penis was suspected.

The doctors could not continue investigating the case or apply a treatment since the patient decided to go against medical advice. . (tagsToTranslate) discover (t) penis (t) bone


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