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Diseased asylum seekers come to Frick AG

It is planned that a maximum of 50 people will be accommodated and looked after in the isolation station.

Collective shelters affected by pandemic

Collective asylum accommodation is also affected by the pandemic, and there are first illnesses for asylum seekers, the State Chancellery Aargau said on Friday. Because of the shared use of rooms such as kitchens or bathrooms and the sometimes limited space available, it was hardly possible to adequately isolate sick people in asylum accommodation.

Health director Jean-Pierre Gallati, in consultation with the municipality of Frick, decided to use the Frick workshop as a corona isolation station for sick asylum seekers.

By the end of March, the canton had operated asylum accommodation for single men in a hall of the workshop. The property was closed on schedule and the residents moved to other asylum centers.

On-site support

Due to the current exceptional situation, this work yard can be set up as an isolation station without delay, the State Chancellery notes. The necessary permits and the associated legal remedies would be obtained subsequently.

From the coming Monday, the container system will gradually be converted into an isolation station. It is planned that a maximum of 50 people will live in the isolation ward in Frick.

Various organizations such as the cantonal social service, Securitas AG, medical staff and civil protection are deployed and provide on-site support. A solution is being sought in the region for catering.

Sick people live in isolation

Coronavirus patients with mild disease and suspected cases are accommodated on site. According to the canton, operation and safety are guaranteed for 24 hours, medical personnel are also on site. The residents will live in isolation and will be fed centrally.

This would prevent spreading inside and outside of the accommodation. The operation is initially scheduled for April and May, but depending on the development of the pandemic, the operation will have to be extended.

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