Thursday, 13 Dec 2018

Disgaea 1 Complete arrives this fall on Switch and PS4 !

NIS America is pleased to announce today that Disgaea 1 Complete will be available this fall on Nintendo Switch ™ and PlayStation®4!

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Disgaea franchise, Disgaea 1 Complete will revive the first installment of the saga, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, on modern consoles. The game will have improved graphics and will offer the classic gameplay of the original saga, known and appreciated by fans.

The game will offer voices in English or Japanese and texts in French!

About the game:

The Overlord is dead. The Netherworld is in turmoil. It’s time to get into the battle! Prince Laharl wakes up to reconquer his throne with the help of his unlikely allies. Together, they will fight to recover what rightly belongs to the legitimate prince of the Netherworld. With his vassal Etna, Angel apprentice Flonne and a whole series of colorful characters, Laharl will struggle to make its way to the top.

Lead your squad to the 9999 level and unleash delirious special abilities, devastating team attacks, and spells that deal millions of damage in this crazy remake of an RPG classic.

Characteristics :

  • Feel the wrath of Laharl! – Play as Prince Laharl and help him regain the Netherworld! Fight and regain power in this zany story populated by assassins, Prinnies and robots.
  • (Re) Discover “Hour of Darkness”! – Disgaea’s original opus is back! Find the main story or discover the Etna mode with additional characters unpublished! Lose yourself in Item World for hundreds of hours of play in this fast-paced tactical RPG, for the first time in HD!
  • Level up! – You can improve the level of many elements in the game, from characters to objects through stores. Things do not work in your favor?
  • Go to the Dark Assembly and change the laws of the dark world!

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