Disney + launches today in Belgium: here are the coolest options of the new streaming service

It won’t take long for Netflix subscribers to find their feet on the new Disney + platform. There are so many things in common. The main difference is that the suggestions scroll on the left on the streaming giant, while they appear as small posters just below the logo of the five big brands (Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic, so not the Fox…) highlighted on the site with big round ears.

For the rest, it’s very close, with small brochures arranged in a multitude of categories (new products, animation, reinvented classics, Disney Channel favorites, big hits, originals, trends, collections, Disney Junior hits, Marvel Universe, nostalgic movies, ultra HD and HDR, etc.). Clear, simple, efficient.

Two sections still deserve to be highlighted. First, the “Celebration of the heroes of the black community”, which is part of the logic of the Black Lives Matter movement. A good way to showcase diversity. The other originality, more practical, consists in grouping all the programs on hold under the banner “Continue reading”. No need to look very far, therefore, to view the rest of the fiction that we had to interrupt. Each time, below the files, is the remaining viewing time, to know if we have time to finish what we have started or not.

Among the interesting features, let us also point out the tab “My list”. When, after reading the description of a fiction, you want to watch it later, just click on the “+” button and it is integrated into the famous tab, at the top of the page. ‘Home. Easy to do your shopping in advance, without systematically going through all the proposals.

Among the cool options, let’s also point out a “skip intro” key that skips the credits (handy for sagas) or the automatic sequence of episodes. But also the bonuses, which allow, for example, to enjoy the scenes cut during the editing. Finally, next to each sheet (summarized or more detailed) is a small logo indicating from what age the program is recommended. For parents of young people (who can limit access according to these criteria) when creating profiles), this is quite practical, even if the house policy wants the vast majority of production to be intended for families. .

Finally, and this should be of interest to more than one commuter, Disney + offers the possibility of unlimited download of the available programs, in order to be able to watch them quietly even without Wi-Fi. With even the possibility of determining the quality of the download (normal , medium or high). No need to rub their hands for budding hackers: all of this will only be visible from the platform’s applications. And in case of no connection to the Internet for 30 days, the files will be automatically deleted.

The icing on the cake: seven profiles can be generated (for four simultaneous visions) with avatars of all the Disney heroes. Suffice to say that the discussions will be lively from the creation of the accounts.

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