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Dispute at Barclay over Hotel Ritz in London

David and Frederick Barclay (from left)
Picture: Picture Alliance

The family of the 85-year-old Barclay twin brothers is actually considered to be silent. Now the owners of the London Hotel Ritz are fighting in court. The company empire of the two billionaires begins to falter.

Kin any case, less than a billion pounds, or 1.15 billion euros, a buyer has to scroll for the Ritz. At least that’s what the previous co-owner Frederick Barclay demands. He indirectly accuses his twin brother David and his sons of wanting to sell the London luxury hotel at a lower price. If need be, Sir Frederick wants to enforce his idea by court action. This announcement is an escalation in the public dispute of the otherwise secretive billionaire family.

Philip Plickert

A bomb had already burst in front of the high court: Frederick Barclay and his daughter Amanda accuse his three nephews Alistair, Aidan and Howard of illegal spying: Confidential conversations by the entrepreneur had been overheard for months in the Ritz winter garden, where the cigar smoker likes to withdraw .


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