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Dispute over corona measures: Söder rejects early school openings as in NRW – politics

Unlike some federal states, Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder refuses to open the schools promptly after the Easter holidays because of the corona pandemic. “I am very reluctant to go to schools,” said the CSU boss on Tuesday evening in the “heute-journal” of ZDF. He is also skeptical that primary schools should be opened first. “I have a fundamentally different view.”

Söder thus distances itself from the announcement from North Rhine-Westphalia that it wants to gradually open the schools after the end of the Easter holidays on April 19, and from a recommendation by the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina to open primary schools first.

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“In the final exams, I think you can be generous, because the students also need a degree for their future career,” said Söder in the ARD “Daily Topics”. Protective measures could also be organized much better here. In general, politics is well advised to listen to the warnings of the educators about early school openings. “Less hectic pace, a little more patience and prudence could help everyone.”

In general, the time had therefore not yet come to relax the strict requirements to contain the crisis. “Of course we have to continue. We will of course have to continue with the issue of exit restrictions, blocking contacts. There can be no fundamental relief, ”said Söder on ZDF. It must be clear to everyone that relief carries the risk of increased contagion.

“We have to talk about distance, distance, for much longer than two or three weeks,” said Söder. It was clear to him that catering and the hotel industry, just like large celebrations, would simply not be possible in the foreseeable future.

NRW School Minister has openings as a “fixed goal”

The schools in North Rhine-Westphalia should gradually reopen after the Easter holidays. A week later, the first day-care center children could follow and be given childcare again. That’s what NRW School Minister Yvonne Gebauer (FDP) and NRW Family Minister Joachim Stamp (FDP) of the German Press Agency said on Tuesday.

It is her “fixed goal” to reopen the schools after the current holiday week, in order to enable, above all, the taking of exams and the awarding of degrees, Gebauer said.

Numerous associations, unions, expert committees and parties have spoken in favor of different models in the past few days, gradually returning to schooling in compliance with strict hygiene requirements. Some advocated starting with the older students, others for the younger ones, as the older ones would be better able to learn using digital media at home.

Children shortly before school should be looked after again

At daycare centers, the children who are about to start school should be looked after again. Emergency care will continue in the coming week, Stamp said on Tuesday. “Then I propose to admit the last year before starting school.” With a “manageable number” of children, hygiene measures could then be practiced in a playful way before the younger ones could be “integrated in several steps”.

“A permanent waiver of early childhood education and care would be socially irresponsible,” said Stamp. Day care centers and day care could only be gradually reopened to effectively limit the spread of the virus. Appropriate measures have been prepared with childhood educators and hygiene experts. (dpa)

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