Dissatisfied but even whirling: lawful speeding


Legal sports gambling. Marijuana lawful recreation. Who knows what else will be done legally in the future as desperate states move more income.

I have an idea.

He came to me because I was driving 82 miles per hour down the New Jersey Turnpike the other day and I noticed that I didn't have many other vehicles running. Almost everyone exceeded the speed limit of 65 mph. In fact, many other drivers were going to me.

That's when he hit me – lawful speeding.

I know what to say: People shouldn't be driving fast because it's not safe. And drivers should comply with the law or give tickets.

OK, you might be right.

But the reality is that the majority of drivers are not complying with speed limits these days on highways. So, we will do them – including yours – pay for the privilege.

Get a 65 mph driver on a highway, showing you a car that would force other drivers to change lanes to get around.

Show me a driver who is doing less than 65 – or the terrible 55 mph when that is the border – in the left lane or in the middle lane, and you will show you the person most likely to have an accident.

I know I get to get heat on this one, but something like this would be lawfully expedited: If you need to drive between 80 mph and 85 mph and not be liable to pay a speed ticket, You pay the state where you live $ 500 a year. (I am just making up the numbers here. We can discuss the details later when my proposal is written in law.)

Do you want to go between 75 mph and 79 mph? This will cost you $ 250 a year.

If you want to be vulnerable to a ticket for anywhere between 65 mph and 75 mph, this will cost you only $ 150 a year. Notice I said “just” – that's how we will go about marketing this plan.

You only have to pay $ 100 a year if you want the police to leave yourself to go over 55 mph but less than 65 mph when 55 mph is the speed limit.

Speed ​​up a ticket
Speeding tickets could emerge in the past.Shutterstock

You will get a big ticket on reckless driving even if you are paying for higher speed limits. And you will be driving while drunk, you will have a fine and I hope you have to wear jail.

There is no mercy on either of those under my plan.

And I don't see my idea working on the streets of the city or on local roads – so don't complain. I accept that I have lost in this area.

Alright, I can see some of you who are affected by this idea.

After all, those are all reasonable prices when considering the amount of a speed ticket on premiums and higher insurance fines for you.

So are the cars designed to stop cars to find out which speed limit drivers they have paid? No, it would be so crazy.

Your upper boundary would be registered in E-ZPass.

For the purposes of the argument, you would only be allowed to exceed your default 85 mph speed limit when passing another vehicle.

If your car continues at that speed for more than 30 seconds, say, then you will get a fine of a nominal amount which is automatically assessed to E-ZPass. The fine increases gradually if you stay over the 85 mph limit for more than one minute, two minutes.

Stay at that speed for, say, 10 minutes and you get fine on top of what you paid for the right getting 85 mph. All of these “nominal” fines will make a significant contribution.

This will not, of course, remove drunk drivers or stray drivers. But this can be handled in another way.

If your car focuses on its lane for more than three seconds you are automatically fined, say two. Most of the drunk or mobile lane blinds cannot be kept, so that they can be looked after. We will not make any of these lawful.

And there may be a fine for slow drivers.

If you are not able to keep up with traffic you probably have a fiddling on your phone, don't a very good driver or you don't want to go into the game Giants when you're in Pennsylvania.

Fine cutting, fine, fine.

The States will make a lot of money and politicians will be happy.

And the cops did not need to do as much random traffic, which is dangerous for both officers and drivers.

We already have red red cameras that explain the car, rather than the driver.

My fine idea on the car would also add the speed limit to the limit legally paid without having a license taken.

Maybe my idea dislike with insurance companies. And that's the other thing he likes: Who doesn't like hitting insurance companies?

Don't you have E-ZPass? Then I am afraid, you can not participate and you will still be in danger of tickets in the old-fashioned way.

Some parts of Florida already have a special lane for drivers who want to do zip without traffic jams. The driver is charged for the privilege of that state version of E-ZPass.

My idea goes much further than that, but it is the same. So the precedent has already been set.

I can only say that in my defense: People thought I was crazy when I suggested years ago that the pot should be made lawful in Atlantic City to draw customers. Now New Jersey is considering making legal throughout the state.

So too much legal may not be crazy either.

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