Distribution of umbrellas and beach getaways: the other "exploits" of the Pope's "Robin Hood"

Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, who this weekend unleashed a wave of criticism and praise throughout Italy after skipping the law to reactivate the light of a "squatted" building in Rome, is not a new face for the inhabitants of the transalpine country. After being appointed as a limosnero of the Vatican in August 2013 -a figure of long tradition that has not been recognized until the pontificate of Francisco-, this generous show has starred in a long history of moments that have earned him great sympathy.

Throughout these seven years in office, Krajewski, 54, has been dedicated to giving gifts of all kinds of food and basic items to those most in need. In addition to food boxes, containers of olive oil, biscuits, rice, tortellini, milk and corserva products; the cardinal delighted the sintecho who take refuge in the surroundings of the Basilica of San Pedro with 400 sleeping bags and 300 umbrellas forgotten by tourists, reports Efe.

Devoted to his charitable work, Krajewski – who likes to be referred to as "Don Konrado" – also opened a shelter in 2015 called "Casa Don de Misericordia", with capacity for 34 people and equipped with bunk beds, lockers, washing machines, a kitchen and several bathrooms for homeless people near the Plaza de San Pedro. In addition, he has invited the homeless, poor, refugees and prisoners to attend the circus for free; and has organized excursions to the beach and dinners in pizzerias in Rome for those with few resources.

His last humanitarian action dates back to last August, when he personally visited the migrants of the vessel Diciotti who, after being blocked for five days in Catania by order of the Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, were welcomed into the «Better World» center, in a munipio outside of Rome. The 138 immigrants were also given 20,000 ice creams.

Reproach of Salvini
After Krajewski's gesture on Saturday, Salvini hurriedly criticized the cardinal and urged the Vatican to take care of the bills not paid by the occupants of the building, which reach 300,000 euros. «I assume the consequences. From this moment, I pay the bills. And, if Salvini wants, I also pay for his, "the priest replied in an interview with" Il Corriere della Sera. "

The confrontation has further muddied the tense relations between the Vatican City State and the Government of Italy. The speech in favor of the Pope's migrants has repeatedly irritated Salvini, who until now has not yet been received in audience by the Pontiff.

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