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Divine Bence found himself back on El Camino

Earlier this year, the Hungarian presenter informed his fans that he had retired from the public for a while, because he wanted to regain his own spiritual balance, and for that he needed peace and quiet. Divine Bence took a tour of El Camino, plunged into solitary contemplation and, according to his own confession, managed to get himself back.

He tilted out of his mental balance

Divine Benedict in January he told his fans that he would turn his back on the public for a while. The well-known Hungarian presenter felt that he needed a spiritual renewal, and although his phone still rang, he did not answer a single call — instead he chose the famous pilgrimage, El Camino.

“A brief report on the situation while my phone rang constantly, but no one could find me pushing El Camino since New Year’s Eve … I want to turn around a little, recharge, find my soul somewhere amidst so much work and social expectations Rest and want silence I want to hear my inner voice No drama I just need a moment so I won’t even make any public appearances in the next few months!“- wrote in a January wine birth entry.

As we reported on TV recently he stands in front of the cameras again: continues its self-made podcast series, IstenEst, located on the frontier of YouTube and TV, and its real attraction is that guests are invited to talk without taboos, in a candid, casual way on the most trendy and current public topics or Internet phenomena may be of interest to the public.

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In the first broadcast of the third season of IstenEst, the presenter spoke about how he had managed to embark on a path of spiritual renewal in the past.

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