Divisiveness between 2020 Democratic Hopefuls reaches a new level

Four or five years ago, Lockhart said in an interview, he should have telephoned a reporter to weigh, and the traditional press, which acted as a guardian, might or may not have cited him.

Now, “there is a possibility for people to have their own platforms,” ​​he said. “I tweeted it and went back to dinner.”

David Pepper, president of the Democratic Party of Ohio, complained that the latest debate, which broke records as the most watched democratic presidential debate ever, has been so intensely negative. “My concern is that everyone seemed so angry with each other,” he said. “When every person on stage has his oppo ready to go and delivers it with such ferocity, you can win that individual skirmish, but you’re giving the bigger picture – the need for people to be inspired.”

Yes, there are many examples of democratic rivals turning negative in past primary races. Hillary Clinton’s strategists in 2008 dangled Obama’s youth drug use. In 2016, Ms. Clinton accused Mr. Sanders of smearing her for receiving donations from the wealthy.

But those excavations seem innocent enough compared to this year, when an explosion of gloved negativity appears to have been triggered by the prospect of a firmly leftist candidate in Mr. Sanders, the late entry of Michael R. Bloomberg and a fierce fight for which moderate candidate should be Mr. Sanders’ main sheet.

On Sunday evening, Sanders praised Fidel Castro for Cuba’s “60 minutes” literacy program. Many of the Democratic comrades’ responses were worrying, including two women from the Florida congress with Cuban electorates of considerable size. “As the first South American immigrant congressman who proudly represents thousands of Cuban Americans, I find Senator Bernie Sanders’ comments on Castro’s Cuba totally unacceptable,” Representative Debbi Mucarsel-Powell, one of the women of the Florida congress, said on Twitter. .

Fernand Amandi, a pollster and political consultant in South Florida, went further: “The Democrats, by appointing this man, will absolutely re-elect @realDonaldTrump and put an end to our constitutional republic, “he wrote.

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