Divorce, wife asks for compensation of Rp.350 million from her husband for taking care of the house alone

BEIJING, KOMPAS.com – A wife in China has demanded compensation of US $ 24,700 (Rp. 354 million) from her husband after filing for divorce, claiming to be running the household alone.

Launch CNN On Wednesday (24/2/2021), the couple had been married for 5 years, and the wife filed a divorce suit in a district court in Beijing in October 2020.

The wife, who was only named as Wang, said she looked after the house and her child alone, because her husband hardly cared or helped with household needs, according to a report by China’s National Radio (CNR) managed by the government.

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However, the court finally ruled that Ms. Wang’s husband had to pay around US $ 7,700 (Rp. 110.3 million) in domestic work compensation, after sharing their collective assets fairly.

Wang was also given custody of their son as well as an allowance of 300 US dollars (Rp 4.3 million) per month, according to CNR.

A ruling like this is the first time issued in China’s new civil code taking effect since January 2021.

The civil code requires one of the husband or wife to ask for compensation at the time of divorce, because they assume greater responsibility in caring for children and parents.

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Even though it happened last year, this decision was only reported by local media in early February and became trending topic on Weibo, China’s Twitter-like social media.

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Until Wednesday (24/2/2021), the upload was viral in numbers views over 500 million times, according to the news CNN.

A number netizen supported Ms. Wang who demanded compensation for her hard work running the house.

However, there are also those who argue that the amount that the ex-husband must pay is too little, given their five-year marriage.

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Gender inequality in domestic life is still a matter of public debate in China in recent years, amid a rising feminist movement.

Although the education level of women has increased and the economic status has increased, the tradition of patriarchy has not completely disappeared in “Panda Country”.

Women are still seen as someone who must be dominant in raising children and doing household chores after marriage.

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