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Do Céline Dion and Justin Bieber suffer from Covid-19 “shots”?

Celine Dion and Justin Bieber before the shots

Does the tragic plot of world stars like Céline Dion and Justin Bieber open the eyes of fans? Effects of Covid-19 vaccine

Céline Dion and Justin Bieber, same tragic team after Covid shots

By Dr. Nicole Delépine. Turn, treat and a bit shorter pursue.

According to the number of followers of Canadian singer Céline Dion on Twitter (924,200 followers), on Facebook more than a million and other networks, we can expect that this fabulous singer’s disability will affect more people than the official site EudraVigilance or Vaers (USA), most difficult to consult and use as a warning to the people. If only to question the dangers of the Covid-19 vaccine …

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What happened to her?

For the time being, her family and / or agents will provide reminders about her recordings and concerts, etc. But why this silence, such perpetual cancellations of concerts, which are actually postponed until September 2023? Who believes in that?

@jjdenoual, November 2, 2021:

“After her second shot of the coronavirus vaccine, Céline wanted DION [sic] they were paralyzed and canceled all their concerts! But radio silence in the media, because it would create panic among all those vaccinated!

@Rideaubleu, October 31, 2021:

“Let’s summarize: A firefighter vaccinated a 12-year-old girl to celebrate the millionth dose. Children were offered tickets to the Céline Dion concert, a concert that was canceled because the singer who requested the vaccination was paralyzed. No, this is not a joke. “

Our colleagues in the recently published public magazine that the 53-year-old singer suffered from a disease called “small fiber neuropathy”, a condition that Céline Dion contracted a year ago, “shortly after being vaccinated Covid without the connection won.

However, it is not known to present the described factors for this disease (mutations in SCN9A and SCN10A genes, metabolic syndrome, HIV, celiac disease, Sjøgren syndrome, amyloidosis, chronic intestinal inflammation, infectious disease, hepatitis C, Lyme disease, hypothyroidism. ,.

Is anna samantreff?

If this vaccine lead were confirmed, Céline, like millions of others, would fall victim to a worldwide “conspiracy,” as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. you say. stick to the book says on the subject.

May 21 Céline:

“I encourage everyone to get vaccinated because I believe that online now is the only way we can build immunity around the world.”

How did he know that?

How could he make such a claim?

Would he let me replace him as a singer on stage? Each of us has our own work, our own skills.

Lobby and media manipulation must be stopped.

May 19, 2022 Céline confirms what everyone fears about her health:

“I am very sorry to have to change the day of European travel again; the first time was due to the pandemic, now is due to my health,” said the now 54-year-old singer.

“To be honest, I’m waiting for it, but I’m not ready yet. It’s very serious. These famous spasms are starting to become very disturbing.”

“We wonder if he’s not reading a message, we feel very sad, as if we’re robots,” commented Canadian columnist Sophie Durocher after watching the short clip.

“If a caliber artist Céline Dion wins [om eigen sjukdom; oms.an.]“It’s not because he has small headaches, it’s a serious thing,” he told a local radio station. “Millions are in danger!” We have to ask ourselves: Will Céline Dion return to the stage? He asked.

According to the British tabloid newspaper Express daily, led Céline Dion in dystonia. A condition characterized by muscle contraction, which occurs involuntarily and over time.

In short, all these comments confirm the chance of a neurological disease after the vaccination, which makes us think of Creutzfeldt-Jakob. [menneskeleg kugalskap; oms.an.] or a similar disease.

What was even more shocking, and that one refused for a while, is that Céline Dion was a heated supporter of the experimental shot to the point that she forced the spray on her audience. He really believed in her and was a victim of her faith!

Vaccines were a religion. Destructive. For a shame, for a mistake, for a deviation!

How do artists, who stay away from real medicine and seem too close to the delusions of journalists force them out of the lab eager to sell, enter this manipulation to the point where they finally lose their lives, in all cases already their lives as artists?

Corruption is not limited to financial corruption, but it touches every aspect of the human soul, desire for pleasure, advice, playing the savior, etc …

A tragic story that repeats itself over and over as the days go by, and the toxic effects of these experimental products manifest themselves in the body.

After Céline, Justin Bieber

A second example was revealed on the evening of June 10, 2022.

France Media Agency:

Justin Bieber organized a concert in favor of the Covid pseudo-vaccine on June 27, 2020, organized by Global Citizen Ursula with the support of Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, Melinda Gates, President of GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines). and Immunization), Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, or Derrick Johnson (NAACP President).

Young Bieber, like Céline, asked for a triple shot of his concert audience.

Remember that this is not 28-year-old pop star – with 539.2 million followers on social networks! We can imagine the ability to influence these stars, which are themselves manipulated by Big Pharma and / or their partners.

He had already experienced a warning about injections, following complications that his wife Hailey had gone through; despite his young age, he suffered a stroke, perhaps after being vaccinated.

We hope that his young fans will ask themselves some questions in this regard and hesitate to take one for shot.

Through what kind of complicated thinking mechanism did he become a trading traveler for shots, which he knows nothing about, especially since all the voters were hiding?

The only thing that can certainly be verified is that these substances were experimental, as clinicaltrials.gov say page immediately demonstrated.

They are still experimental and now we will have to wait until 2023 to access the official data from their experiments.

But at the moment, thanks to the American legal system, we have some of the hidden Pfizer documents that reveal the cheating that should be banned in future shots.

And Britain’s data from England’s ONS also shows the deadly dangers of the shots given to the people.

June 10, 2022 we learned via Twitter:

“After his girlfriend, Justin Bieber now gets seriously ill and has to cancel his trip. Trip-shots, he had to ask his fans for proof of complete shots to enter the concerts.”

Bieber wrote on Instagram:

“I can’t believe I’m saying that. I’ve done everything to get better, but my illness is getting worse.”

The 28-year-old star gives no details about his mysterious illness.

In short, our famous and beautiful song is Vansira in facial paralysis which is well described in the complications of anti-covid vaccines like Bell’s palsy. Presenting it under the name of Ramsay syndrome may be school-based, but that doesn’t change the reality.

For an accident that these beautiful young people and the future ahead have become ill, and who even thought it was helpful to encourage others to do as they do – an absolute arrogance.

According to an infection expert, Justin Bieber’s shingles seem to appear between the face’s two nerves, the facial and auditory, which is why the singer has speech and hearing problems.

“Justin Bieber: facial paralysis … The 28 – year – old Canadian star has to cancel two concerts on his tour of Toronto (or more) due to complications that cause paralysis of part of the face.

In the video posted on Instagram, we see Justin Bieber, who is looking at the camera, and is able to blink with his right eye, with his mouth half blocked.

‘I can’t smile anymore on that side, I’m paralyzed in some parts of my face.’ “

Finally, let us wish these artists and other shot victims a successful recovery in health.

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