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Do not share speculation about Hanau

Appeal: This poster spoke out against agitation and racism during the rally in Hanau on Saturday
Picture: EPA

In view of increased speculation about the outcome of the mass murder in Hanau, the State Criminal Police Office asks not to share such conjectures. This appeal is also and especially aimed at users of social media.

DThe Hessian State Criminal Police Office warns against false information in connection with the bloody deed of Hanau. There is currently “increasing speculation about the outcome of the attack,” said the LKA on Saturday. These emerged from various sources on social media. “From the perspective of the Hessian police, there is currently no reason to assume any further acute danger in this connection.”

All information will be followed up meticulously. The LKA urges “to critically examine any speculation by unsecured sources and under no circumstances to spread it unfiltered”.

The police headquarters responsible for Hanau Southeast Hesse expressed the same in the short message service Twitter. “From our point of view, there is no reason to assume another danger! We are carefully following all indications, ”write the police officers. The appeal follows: “Check the sources and do not share such speculations!”

The police information center in Hanau was closed on Saturday evening. According to the LKA, several hundred victims and relatives of the victims have been helped there since the opening on Friday morning. According to the LKA, contact officers from the Hessian police will continue to look after the victim families in cooperation with Hanauer Hilfe and the Weißen Ring.


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