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Do we need another "Grinch" movie? Some critics say yes, but others …

WHO asked for another "Grinch" adaptation?

This trade question seems debatable, especially if we rely on two sets of statistics:

First of all, can you name the biggest American movie of 2000, in an era prior to Star Wars and the superhero behemoths owned by Disney? Yes, that was Ron Howard's criticism "Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas, which brought in $ 260 million (and $ 345 million worldwide) on a $ 123 million budget.

And secondly, Universal and Illumination have won the box office jackpot with their first two Seuss films, "Horton Hears a Who!" And 2008, "The Lorax".

So it was impossible for us not to receive a "Grinch" from the House of Minions, especially since Illumination, which goes against the animated food of Disney, likes to bring to the forefront its villains and anti-heros.

The next crucial question is: Can Enlightenment do for the Grinch what it does for Gru – make an intriguing chilly heart attractive as it is transformed by the loving heart of children? As you stretch the classic 1957 book – only 69 illustrated pages – on the canvas of a 90-minute film? (And that's even dropping some of Seuss's poetry.)

The first wave of comments has landed and the verdict is at best mixed. "Dr. The Seuss Grinch, which opened Friday, has an average score of only 51 on Metacritic and 60% on rotten tomatoes.

The San Francisco Chronicle is at the head of the spinning, writing that "The Grinch" is "aimed at movie buffs who liked" How the Grinch stole Christmas! a nicer Grinch. "

"And other characters," continues the Chronicle. "The computer-animated update complements the story with several new people and unnecessary animal creations in the story." The Grinch "is designed to fill toy shelves, even though he insists that the original message that we continue to say that Christmas lives in your heart. "

Likewise, the New York Times writes that "The Grinch," like "the unfortunate 2000 animated film starring Jim Carrey, completes the parable with a zany company and an enlargement of the character ".

And the New Orleans Times-Picayune stresses that the CGI adaptation of Yarrow Cheney and Scott Mosier "makes the unforgivable decision to tinker with the original Seuss text – cutting off some nursery rhymes for no apparent reason and adding some poorly written verses to support his story." . "

The Times-Picayune also indicates that some vocal performances are quite different from those of the classic Chuck Jones TV: "At the risk of summoning the fury of Cumberbatch's army – the re-vocal vocal performance of Benedict Cumberbatch, because the Grinch does not hold to the sonic elegance of Boris Karloff's performance in the 1966 adaptation. There. I said it. "

Although Illumination may see declining creative returns on its adaptations Seuss, which include Steve Horton and Jimmy Hayward's Satisfactory, the studio still brings a saturated visual richness and some emotional beating essential to the business.

"The biggest improvement in production is Whoville itself," writes the Hollywood Reporter, "which has been turned into a bright and glittering show of a mini-metropolis, with its own market Who Foods and meticulous attention Reach to details that extends to the tiniest of Christmas tree decorations and the most innocuous snowflakes.

The Chronicle recognizes that the film finds "a constant quirky humor" and that "the effort and the creative energy are visible from beginning to end".

The Wrap writes that "this new animated feature is brilliant, both in its palette of colors and in the spirit and vividness of the narrative".

And Variety does not deny the reason for being the new movie by writing, "Does this add anything (except duration)? Maybe not. As proved the special … perfection is perfection. Yet, taken on its own terms (that is to say, you have never seen this story before, as countless children see this movie), 'The Grinch' is a lively and enjoyable entertainment . "

Thus, while Seuss' attempts to visit the screen may become as thin as the remains of the roast beast, this "Grinch" should nevertheless suit some tastes.


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