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Do you already have your booster vaccine? Update your certificate!

Having an order and updating of all the documents is important, for this reason you must bear in mind that if your third vaccine against covid-19 you must download your certificate with the most recent data.

Given the Omicron variant, there are already significant advances in the country regarding the application of the booster dose against SARS-CoV-2 and therefore it is necessary to have the vaccination certificate, which you can download via WhatsApp directly with the chatbot of Dr. Armando Vaccuno.

How to download the certificate through WhatsApp?

In order for Dr. Armando Vaccuno to send your vaccination certificate directly to your WhatsApp, you must follow these steps:

  1. Send a message to 56 1713 0557
  2. Then write the word “CERTIFICATE”
  3. Follow the instructions and then enter your CURP, name and date of birth
  4. Indicate the vaccine that was applied to you: Pfizer, Cansino, Sputnik V, AstraZeneca and the number of doses received.
  5. Enter the link that the chatbot sends you and download your certificate

It is worth mentioning that sometimes the chatbot can register failures, so also enter the page https://cvcovid.salud.gob.mx/ that enabled the Ministry of Health to download the document.

After entering the proper data on the website, the vaccination certificate will be sent to the email with which you registered to notify your intention to vaccinate against covid-19.

Keep in mind that once you have the download link, you should hurry to download the document, since it It has a duration of 90 minutes from reception, otherwise you will have to make the request again.

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How do I report errors on my vaccination certificate?

In the email that is sent with the vaccination certificate, a link is added in which you can clarify any information that is incorrect.

Likewise, the Ministry of Health enabled the following league: https://cvcovid.salud.gob.mx/correccionDatos.html, by which you can carry out this data correction.


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