Do you have little time to train? Follow the Tabata method: it’s online and it makes you lose weight

It is an effective long-lasting weight loss program, to be done at home by following an online coach.It is used by many celebrities because it gets in shape in a short time

Tabata, an effective long-lasting weight loss program, directly to your home. The method that has driven many celebrities crazy, because it gets back in shape in a short time. We meet Jill Cooper, fitness teacher on TV and online and coach of the most loved stars. Author of many videos, and of a book dedicated to the well-being of the person, she reveals every secret of the method and trains us even at home.

What is the Tabata method?

“The Tabata method was created by a Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata who sought the most effective way to train an athlete by creating the least trauma on the structure itself. After an adequate warm-up, it is a question of taking shots on an ergometer with 8 “shots” of work between maximum intensity 80-90% HRM for 20 seconds followed by an active recovery of 10 seconds. To be repeated for a total of 3 circuits or 12 minutes of high-intensity cardiovascular work. “

How can it be taught online?

“Tabata online has become a trend. In a nutshell it comes to a breakdown of work between maximum peaks of 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds rests. This is done by working very tightly 8 times. Many build a mix of movements by changing one exercise at a time by doing a circuit consisting of 8 high intensity exercises such as the jump squat, burpees, spider man etc. But if we look at the work recommended by Dr. Tabata the effort was of a single exercise that gradually brought the same muscle groups to exhaustion. I prefer to do a circuit exercise repeated 8 times, changing from time to time between a lower group (Legs and buttocks), an upper group (pectoral type) and then a mixed group (Burpees) or abdomen only. “

What are the specific health benefits?

“Increase aerobic capacity, tit honors the body and helps burn fat. Aerobic capacity brings oxygenation deeper throughout the body. Fat burning is for everyone to tackle any virus with healthy soil. “

How to start training at home?

“You have to follow a first online video very calmly. To then move on to doing the exercise with a lot of attention, towards the seventh round, the body feels a lot of tiredness losing concentration and for this you have to stay very strong “.

How many hours a week?

“Maximum twice a week. It is not about hours but minutes: after 10 minutes of warming up, we start with 12 minutes of Tabata, finally stretching at will. Tabata consumes a lot of muscle glycogen – the body must therefore restore post-workout homeostasis, but is only able to re-create about 5% glycogen per hour, so it consumes fat to do so. Practically a Tabata workout helps increase post-workout metabolism even for hours. “

Do you have any tips for those who want to start?

“Doing a maximum of 2 Tabata workouts per week is true that it helps burn fat, and is very tiring and therefore could send an athlete into super-training if it is repeated too many times a week or month. It is an excellent trick to raise the level of fitness but it must be alternated with cross-training, weights, yoga or classic cardio the other days of the week, ed It is important to maintain good shape while working to protect the joints and back.”

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