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The platform used this step by step to solve the problem.

The online transactions and money order platform Nequi informed its users that it is presenting problems among its users who have the Android operating system.

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To solve the problem, Nequi had the following step by step:

1. Confirm that you have the latest version of the Nequi app: 4.6. If not, it must be updated in the application store (Play Store / App Gallery).

2. Then, in the mobile applications, in Android System WebView or WebView of the Android system, go to the application store (Play Store / App Gallery) to find it easier. It must be uninstalled.

3. Confirm that automatic updates are disabled in the application store.

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4. Close the Nequi app and reopen it.

Nequi ensures that it is likely that people will have to do facial recognition again, so that the entity can make sure that the registered person is the one who tries to enter Nequi.

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If the problems persist, send an email to [email protected] with the subject “Android Problem”. The message should indicate:

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Device type
The Nequi app version
Confirm whether or not the WebView application was uninstalled.


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