Do you think: Given the fall in German GDP, do you think Spain is facing a new crisis?


For the second time in the last twelve months, Germany's gross domestic product falls, not only because of the commercial war that the markets are experiencing but also because of the problems that the automobile sector is having, as reported by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) . If Germany fails to overcome its economy and decreases in its third quarter it would be officially entering a recession.

Despite the slowdown in the markets, the Spanish economy seems to endure the pull. However, if the German GDP decline continues, this would directly affect the Spanish economy, since 10.7% of exports are directed to the German market. Do you think we are at the doors of a new economic crisis?

The European Central Bank advanced its willingness to act in July, starting this September if it was necessary to boost the activity in the eurozone. . (tagsToTranslate) qualifio (t) survey (t) germany


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