Do your PlayStation 5 graphics look faded?

Fans are discovering that the PlayStation 5’s maximum graphics are not optimal, which can cause dull colors.

The launch of a new generation of consoles is obviously accompanied by some teething problems. The PlayStation 5 is not spared that, because next to downloadproblemen in disappointing resolution tech aficionados are also discovering a problem with the colors. The maximum resolution in combination with the maximum refresh rate does not appear to match what Sony promised.

PlayStation 5 maximum graphics are disappointing

Days after the PlayStation 5’s launch, users on various forums complain about its graphics. Now, the graphic power of the console is hardly to criticize. It is the maximum technical specs that Sony had promised that do not seem to be delivered.

Games played in 4K with 120Hz refresh rate are smoother than butter. In principle, this is also the case for the PlayStation 5. Where things go wrong is the bandwidth used by the console. That is a maximum of 32Gbit / s via HDMI 2.1, while 40 or 48Gbit per second is required to fulfill Sony’s promises.

Renowned TV reviewer Vincent Teoh explains that the PlayStation 5 is currently playing 120Hz with YUV422. Refresh 120 times per second by means of 4: 2: 2 chroma subsampling. In that case the console uses a lower color resolution; less data is used for color information to limit bandwidth. In the case of the PlayStation 5, that can result in dull colors and muddy graphics.

And that is not necessary at all if you use a TV with HDMI 2.1. The maximum bandwidth of that connection is 48Gbps. The PlayStation 5 hardware can easily handle that amount of data.

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It is not clear why Sony chose to use 4: 2: 2 chroma subsampling and not the optimal 4: 4: 4. Sony is expected to straighten out the limited PlayStation 5 graphics and colors with a firmware update.

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