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Doctor: So far, cases registered in South Africa are not serious – Abroad – News

The cases so far in South Africa have not been serious, the BBC told the BBC.

However, research into the new strain is still at a very early stage, she said, adding that only 24% of the country’s population has been fully vaccinated.

“So far, most people complain of a sore body and fatigue, a lot of fatigue, and we see it in the younger generation, not the older people,” said Kutze.

So far, there are no patients admitted to the hospital, she added.

The symptoms of the new type are unusual but mild, Kutze said, adding that she was worried about the possibility of the new type for the first time in early November, when patients with unusual Covid-19 symptoms came to her practice in Pretoria, complaining of extreme fatigue.

Kutze was the first South African doctor to warn authorities of a new strain of coronavirus on 18 November.

Scientists in the Republic of South Africa reported on Thursday that they had identified a new variant of Covid-19 with a large number of mutations responsible for the rapid increase in infections.

In South Africa, the worst affected country in Covid-19, the number of new infections registered in a single day has increased tenfold since the beginning of the month, from 106 to around 1,200.

In response, many countries, including the European Union (EU), have suspended flights from southern Africa.

Scientists believe the new variant may be more contagious than the Covid-19 delta or Indian variant, as well as more resistant to current Covid-19 vaccines. The 15th letter of the Greek alphabet – omicron – has been assigned to denote the new type of virus.

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