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Doctors told how COVID-19 “hits” youth: causes strokes

American scientists have traced the relationship between age and cardiovascular complications caused by the coronavirus COVID-19. Moreover, the younger the patient, the higher the risk of such complications.

According to the Washington Post, neurosurgeon Thomas Oxley, one of the oldest and largest medical complexes in the US, Mount Sinai, located in New York, told reporters about this alarming pattern. This is due to the fact that COVID-19 increases blood coagulation and promotes the formation of blood clots.

According to the physician, coronavirus is capable of causing strokes in people 30-40 years old, and the most unpleasant thing is that we are talking about having been ill with a mild or moderate form of COVID-19.

“We observed five such patients from late March to early April. All of them are younger than 50 years old (from 33 to 49 years old), with mild symptoms of COVID-19 or no symptoms at all, no chronic diseases and have not taken any medications … All were admitted to the hospital with complaints of slurred speech, confusion, weakness of the muscles of the face on one side and numbness of one arm. One patient died, the others undergo treatment. Speech was restored only in the youngest patient, “the specialist noted, adding that patients with stroke and COVID-19 an average of 15 le t younger than typical stroke patients.

The hospital noted that all patients asked for help quite late, because they did not want to go to the hospital amid a coronavirus pandemic.


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