Doda has an affair with an American musician? Emil Stępień comments on the sensational reports

Doda is dating Max Hodges? “Super Express” showed photos in which the American musician is to pose with Dorota Rabczewska. The star does not want to comment on the matter, but her husband, Emil Stępień, spoke.

She will add meets with an American musician and surfer Maxem Hodgesem? This is suggested by the photos posted on the profile of the American TV star. Hodges has been publishing romantic photos for some time with a blonde who resembles Dorota Rabczewska. After he shared the photos on the “Super Express” website, the singer’s profile was in turmoil. Fans have no illusions that the woman hugging Hodges is Doda.

The spice of the matter is added by the fact that the model confessed to the singer in a comment, and also added a photo saying that he was engaged – passes “Super Express”.

After publication in Polish media, Hodges removed his social media accountand Doda was flooded with requests for clarification of this strange situation. The artist is officially the producer’s wife Emil Stępieńwith whom she got married in 2018. The spouses produce the film together “Dubai Girls”. Until now, Rabczewska’s marriage was considered successful and nothing heralded its end, until the revealing of sensational photos from Max Hodges’s profile.

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Doda has a new partner? Emil Stępień commented on the rumors

For the time being, she will be silent about the fans’ questions, which unfortunately only fuels the rumor about the alleged romance with the American star. “Fakt” decided to get information from Rabczewska’s husband, Emil Stępień. Unlike his wife, the producer did not avoid the answer. However, he was not too effusive and only assured that his marriage with Doda continued.

We didn’t part. Thank you for your call and concern. I won’t say more – Emil Stępień told journalists of Fakt.


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