Does sport help with cancer? Study with promising results

Exercise can help you get back on your feet during and after cancer. A new study now focuses on this aspect (symbol image).

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Healthy eating, rest and exercise – these and more are recommended for cancer patients. A new study is now focusing on sport.

  • Sport is known to have beneficial effects on the body and mind.
  • A new Krebsstudy now brings this aspect into focus.
  • According to the researchers, exercise-induced myokines Cancer cells be fought.

Kassel / Erlangen-Nürnberg – The connection between Move and health is always a topic of conversation – as is the interaction between sport and Krebs. Now a special training method was turned into a new one study considered closer. The training was previously suspected of fighting cancer cells. The anti-tumor effect has now been confirmed by researchers at FAU (Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg).

So-called Myokine (hormone-like messenger substances) were known for their diverse effects even before the study – but only in healthy people and cancer patients in the early stages. According to the FAU study (source) The messenger substances can not only improve general health, but also specifically influence the growth of cancer cells.

Sport: New training method against cancer researched

That’s what it says in the Online presence of the research university (source): “The FAU research team has now been able to show for the first time that the gentle but effective training method of whole-body electromyostimulation can be used in patients with advanced Cancer Releases myokines, which prevent the growth of malignant tumor cells and at the same time increase their cell death. “

Myokine and their distribution through Sport play a central role in this study – but what are myokines anyway? And what is their function in the body? Of the Georg Thieme Verlag (source) gives an answer:

  • What are myokines?
  • They are hormone-like substances that the body releases when the muscle is active (e.g. during sport, but also during other physical activities). There are different types of myokines.
  • What is the function of myokines?
  • Because there are different types of myokines, they also have different effects on the body. These include: anti-inflammatory effects and the regulation of the immune system, as well as the support of fat breakdown and the influence on the energy metabolism. In addition, there is now also the fight against cancer cells.

University Professor on Myokines: Exercise and Exercise as Bonuses to Health

Cancer: Current study shows effects of sport and exercise on tumor growth

Blood samples were taken from special patients with advanced prostate or colon cancer. All participants in the study took part in 12-week exercise and nutrition therapy at the Hector Center. The researchers at FAU were once again able to establish a connection between Sport and Krebs produce.

In a new cancer study, blood was examined to determine the influence of exercise-induced myokines (symbol).

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In this case the effect concerned the Myokine however, not only cancers in the early, but also in the advanced stages. With the help of further studies, the FAU scientists want to filter out the specific messenger substances involved, “in order to obtain valuable information on the development of multimodal cancer therapies.” (Jennifer Greve)

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