Dog loves. Iñárritu reveals secrets of the recordings: VIDEO

Love Dogs changed Mexican cinema forever, after becoming the first Mexican film nominated for an Oscar in the 21st century and it marked the beginning of Alejandro González Iñárritu’s film career. For the acclaimed director and those who lived the filming of that film, it was a mixture of adrenaline and passion to carry the project forward.

20 years after its premiere, the Mexican director revealed some secrets about the recordingss and the cast in the first day of the 18th edition of the Morelia International Film Festival in a videoconference in which the actors Gael García Bernal, Adriana Barraza, Goya Toledo, Vanessa Bauche, Álvaro Guerrero, Jorge Salinas, José Sefami and Gustavo Sánchez Parra participated.

Iñarritú’s first contact with Gael García

García Bernal recounted what it was like to receive a phone call from Mexico to London, where he was studying acting. González Iñárritu, who before being a filmmaker was a radio announcer, asked him in that modulated voice if he could send him his script to read. García Bernal did not even know which address to tell him to send it to.

“It was a time when I didn’t understand what was going on, I hadn’t read a script in my life,” he said. “It was a time in which like this, with that innocence and that dedication, somehow I feel that the film happened to me and I spent it trusting and knowing that I was in a place where later I was going to be very grateful.”

Gustavo Sánchez Parra had a phobia of dogs

For his part, Sánchez Parra had a scene in which a truck stopped to reprimand the character of García Bernal. It was also his first movie and there was no script either, so he never imagined that he would be asked to drive, something he did not know how to do.

“It was a great start that knocked down all the security and made me take it back in an incredible way,” said the actor.

The production team solved the problem by pushing the truck and shifting gears for it to simulate driving. Another detail is that the actor was terrified of dogs, but had to act in scenes of fights between these animals. He only dared to confess this fear to the director.

“You had a phobia of dogs,” González Iñárritu said. “You overcame your fear, you controlled the fear and I don’t know how you did it, but you grabbed the wildest dogs in Mexico by the hair and no one could say that you weren’t a master dogfighter, and that impacted me a lot .. You overcame all your personal fears and look where you’ve come to. It is a super message for all people ”.

Amores perros marked a before and after in Mexican cinema

Early dates to be able to shoot with the actors chosen by the director, few weeks of preparation, a real assault with a pistol during filming, a sound that was not the first time, a millionaire budget that on the fifth day of production was already being exceeded and a Novice director did not prevent González Iñárritu from realizing the vision he had for his film.

Since then he has won five Academy Awards, including two for Best Director, for Birdman (Birdman or the unexpected virtue of ignorance) Y The Revenant (Revenant: The Revenant).

“We have the opportunity and the privilege to see our faces all with white gray hair now,” said González Iñárritu. “There was a before and after in the life of all of us who are here, in some way it affected us … it is a film of all and I feel privileged to have been able to count on all of them.”

The remastered version of Dog loves inaugurated the festival that will be held until Sunday in Morelia, capital of the western state of Michoacán, where González Iñárritu traveled to present it personally. This remastered version will be released in Mexican theaters on November 5.



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