Dog stabbed to death by jogger, suspect arrested!

A jogger who stabbed a dog named Dribbel to death in Waasmunster has been arrested after viewing footage from surveillance cameras. He is a 43-year-old man from Lokeren. He would have confessed the facts.

The facts unfolded before the eyes of the owner. “My wife and her friend had just passed the jogger and Dribbel was then about twenty meters behind them. Curious by nature, Dribbel started running with the jogger, “Kristoff describes. Julie would have yelled at the jogger not to be afraid of the dog.” It was at this point that he took out a knife from his fanny pack and stabbed Dribbel as he walked quietly. My wife and her friend couldn’t believe their eyes. They rushed over to him and I quickly got to the scene myself. ”Despite my efforts, the dog could not be saved.

Sunday, the couple had already launched a call for witnesses on social networks. “I’m not doing it just for Dribbel. Someone armed with a knife in the street is a danger to everyone,” denounced Kristoff.

Little Dribbel, a jack russel, joined the family in February 2018. “Dribbel was like a child for us,” Kristoff explains to our colleagues at HLN. “He was an incredibly gentle dog, who never bit anyone. We fail to understand what made this man behave like this. It’s just mind-blowing.”

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