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Dog VS Priluchny – 3: 0 … Muceniece spoke about the ideal man

The offended actress considered that a “real” man should, like a dog, be faithful and faithful.

The rapid end of relations and the collapse of a strong Priluchny couple still haunts neither Agatha Muceniece, nor Pavel, nor attentive fans who still believe in the renewal of the union. Previously, happy spouses are now seriously depressed, although they try not to show this by publishing rainbow shots from their lives. However, at times, nevertheless, the tart remarks of a disappointed Agatha slip.

Last night, the actress tried to escape from obsessive thoughts about the impending divorce. However, even squeezing a dog, Agatha could not do without discussing the qualities of an ideal man.

“My love! My sweet That should be a man, right? Faithful, faithful and loving me to madness, ”Agatha said on social networks, comparing the“ real ”man with a dog.

You do not need to be an expert to understand these obvious hints of a woman who has left the family nest. In all three respects, according to Agatha, her ex-husband Priluchny loses. We never had to talk about fidelity and devotion in a relationship: Paul was surrounded by rumors, and sometimes even semi-official statements, about betrayal throughout his family life.

And the actor showed his “love to madness” to the whole country when he came home intoxicated and, as Agatha reported, hit her and drove her out with the children, taking even the phone.

Comparing a real man with a dog, Agatha seemed to mean Paul. In the battle, Dog VS Paul defeated the first in the “dry” – 3-0, showing both his love and his loyalty to the mistress. People are not animals, however, and they are sometimes capable of “animal” actions.


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