Dollar down for the second day in a row Diario Expreso

The dollar fell yesterday for the second successive day, despite the uncertainty that continues even after the presidential proclamation of Pedro Castillo.

At 4:15 pm, the sale was trading at S / 3.9510 and the purchase at S / 3.9200 in exchange houses. So far in 2021, the dollar has risen more than 9% in Lima.

The level of the dollar close to S / 4 will continue during this and next year, according to the BBVA Research study.

The exchange rate will face the uncertainty that leads to the depreciation of the sol and the counterweight of caution pending the government’s announcements, said Hugo Perea, Chief Economist at BBVA Research.


The BBVA Research study indicates that, given the foreseeable rise in the dollar in the coming months, inflation will remain above the target range of 3%. The dollar impacts inflation, as it has been perceived in basic products.

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