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Dollars last minute! Eyes on the dollar, on the Fed

The Dollar / TL remains in the 8.40 band, where it rose after the Fed’s recent monetary policy meeting minutes talked more about the reduction in bond purchases than investors expected. On the morning of May 21, the dollar / TL level was 8.38.

In the minutes of the Fed’s monetary policy meeting held on April 27-28, published the day before, several policy makers, the US
If the economic recovery continues to gain momentum, discussing the slowdown in asset purchases is “a
at the point “he said it would be appropriate.

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said right after last month’s meeting that it is not yet time to begin discussing any changes in monetary policy. Markets shook due to the changing direction in a short time. While the dollar index is increasing, sharp movements are seen in some commodity classes.

On the other hand; The Fed, which purchased $ 120 billion in assets per month, withdrew $ 351 billion from the market yesterday through reverse repo. While drawing attention to the balloon in the reserves in the latest report of the Fed, he drew attention to the high demand for short-term Treasury bills. Analysts state that the need has begun to be met with reverse repo, and there may be expectations at the next meeting about interest paid on reserves of more than $ 3.9 trillion on the balance sheet.

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