Dominic Thiem and consequences of winning the 2020 US Open

The hangover of success is not easy to manage and Dominic Thiem is aware of it. In an exclusive interview with the ATP, the Austrian appreciated everything that happened at the US Open 2020 and had no qualms about reflecting on how this success will influence his personal and professional life, as well as whether it will be a turning point in tennis in general. The times of hegemony of the Big 3 may be coming to an end due to the push of a plethora of players in front of which Thiem has been placed, who could opt for important things in Roland Garros 2020 and even improve your ranking ATP, being currently the 3 in the world, behind Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal.

– Nerves in the early part of the game. Thiem was on the edge of the abyss in the final, where he lost by two sets to zero and a break down in the third, something he attributes to the accumulated tension. “The nerves prevented me from playing free, especially with the backhand. In that shot I print a great wrist acceleration and I need confidence to shoot, I was stiff. In the third set I freed myself and I could play better, although in the fifth I started to play more the cut by the tension that had due to the marker “, recognized the Austrian.

– Your title, as a turning point. “The Big 3 is still there and whatever tournament they participate in they will be the favorites. I think it is very positive for tennis that other guys start winning Grand Slam tournaments and I have no doubt that there will be others who will join me very soon, but Novak Rafa and Roger will always start with a certain advantage for all their experience and for the mere fact of being who they are, “said Dominic.

– Possible changes in your life. The Austrian was very excited after winning and dedicated the victory to his parents, who could not accompany him in New York because they had tested positive for Covid-19. “Winning a Grand Slam was the great goal of my sporting life. I hope that it will change my career, because I believe that it will help me to play more freely and I will be able to perform at a better level. But I also hope that nothing changes on a personal level; I cannot trust my happiness for sporting success would be a mistake, “he commented with great maturity.

– Yearning to improve in the ATP ranking. Settled in third position, it cannot be ruled out that he can curb the top-2, a position that no player outside the Big 3 and Andy Murray has occupied since 2005, when Lleyton Hewitt did. “It is super difficult to gain any position in the ranking right now, we all know the players ahead of me. The truth is that I have not thought about that, I just want to enjoy a little and prepare well for Roland Garros 2020“said a concentrate Dominic Thiem.


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