Dominicans make history at the Latin Grammy Awards

The night of this Thursday, November 19, 2020 can be considered transcendental for Latin music. The artists took to the stage again in the midst of a pandemic that has put humanity on edge and has meant an unprecedented crisis for entertainment.

At the local level, the merengue returned to the place that it had let go due to the lack of proposals sent to the organizers and the Creoles dominated the category. Juan Luis Guerra also reigned receiving a tribute with the presentation of two artists of Dominican origin interpreting their hits, we talk about Prince Royce y Leslie Grace.

Dominicans Eddy Herrera and Daniel Santacruz made history by tying historically as winners of the category “Best merengue and / or bachata album” at the 2020 Latin Grammy Awards.

Eddy Herrera competed with the disc “Now” and Daniel Santacruz with “Larimar”, and they were with their compatriots Manny Cruz with “Bailando tú” and the only bachatero, José Manuel Calderón, with “The genetics of bachata”.

“Thankful to God, to the Recording Academy and to all those responsible for participating in this important production that represents the sacrifice of many years of career and effort,” said Daniel Santacruz, who received the news accompanied by his family and friends with whom shared this recognition.

The Latin Grammy for Daniel Santacruz and his production “Larimar” was announced during the broadcast of La Premiere of the Latin GRAMMY® 2020, a ceremony that presents the largest number of categories of these awards and where Santacruz also performed a musical presentation of his song ” Larimar ”from Boca Chica, Dominican Republic.

The Puerto Rican singer of Dominican origin, Ozuna, received the award in the line Best urban fusion / interpretation: “Yo x ti, tú x mi”, which he performed with Rosalía. The song also won the Best Urban Song category.

Other Dominicans nominated

Prince Royce competed in the category “Best Contemporary Album / Tropical Fusion” with “Alter Ego” and Riccie Oriach with “Mi derriengue”.

The productions of José Manuel Calderón and Manny Cruz competed in the line in which Daniel and Eddy tied.

While Manny Cruz was also nominated in the category of “Best Tropical Song” with the song “Imaginarme sin ti”. In the same category was Pavel Núñez with his song “Y enough ya”.

Voting process

After the candidates are determined, the final ballots are sent to the Recording Academy members, who will be able to vote in the general categories and in no more than eight of the 30 categories. NARAS members are encouraged, but not required, to vote only in their fields of expertise. Ballots are secretly tabulated by leading independent accounting firm Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu. After the votes are tabulated, the winners are announced at the Grammy Awards. The recording with the highest number of votes in an important category is possible to achieve a tie. Winners are presented with the Grammy Award and those who do not win are given a medal for their nomination.

In both rounds of voting, Academy members are based solely on the quality of the vote, and not on their influence on sales, graphics performance, personal friendships, regional preferences, or company loyalty. Acceptance of gifts is prohibited. Members are urged to vote in a manner that preserves the integrity of the academy. In more recent years, the jewelry company Tiffany & Co, gives a medal by nomination, it is made of pure gold of the brand, and the medal is engraved with the statuette. The bow of this is aqua blue that characterizes the brand, and the box is the same color.

List of winners

Best merengue and / or bachata album: Tie. “Now”, Eddy Herrera and “Larimar”, Daniel Santacruz

Record of the year: “Contigo”, Alejandro Sanz

Album of the year: “YHLQMDLG”, Bad Bunny

Song of the year: “René”, Residente.

Best New Artist: Mike Bahía

Best Pop Song: “Tutu”, Camilo.

Best Urban Music Album: Colores, J Balvin.

Best Pop Vocal Album: “Pausa,” Ricky Martin

Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album: “Compadres”, Andrés Cepeda y Fonseca

Best urban fusion / performance: “Yo x ti, tú x mi”, Rosalía and Ozuna

Best reggaeton performance: “Yo perreo sola”, Bad Bunny

Best Rap / Hip Hop Song: “Before the World Ends,” Residente

Best urban song: “Yo x ti, tú x mi”, Rosalía and Ozuna

Best Rock Album: “Where Will The Kids Play? (From the Palace of Sports) ”, Molotov

Best Rock Song: “Biutiful,” Mon Laferte

Best Pop / Rock Album: “The Conquest of Space”, Fito Páez

Best pop / rock song: “The song of the beasts”, Fito Páez

Best Alternative Music Album: “Sobrevolando”, Cultura Profética

Best Alternative Song: “En Cantos”, Natalia Lafourcade and iLe

Best Salsa Album: “40”, Grupo Niche

Best cumbia / vallenato album: “Sigo cantando al amor (Deluxe)”, Jorge Celedón and Sergio Luis Rodríguez

Best Traditional Tropical Album: “Icon”, Orquesta Aragón

Best Contemporary / Tropical Fusion Album: “Cumbiana”, Carlos Vives

Best Band Music Album: “Playlist”, Chiquis

Best Tejano Music Album: “Live in México”, La Mafia

Best Northern Music Album: “Los Tigres del Norte at Folsom Prison”, Los Tigres del Norte

Best Regional Mexican Song: “My Religion”, Natalia Lafourcade

Best Instrumental Album: “Terra”, Daniel Minimalia

Best Folk Album: “A Capella”, Susana Baca

Best tango album: “Bellows and rope”, Gustavo Casenave

Best flamenco music album: “Flamenco sin borders”, Antonio Rey

Best Jazz / Latin Jazz Album: “Puertos: Music from international waters”, Emilio Solla Tango Jazz Orchestra

Best Christian Album (in Spanish): “Soldados”, Alex Campos

Best Christian Album (in Portuguese): “Reino”, Aline Barros

Best Contemporary Pop Album in the Portuguese Language: “APKÁ!”, Céu

Best rock album or alternative music in Portuguese: “AmarElo”, Emicida

Best samba / pagode album: “Samba Jazz de raíz, Cláudio Jorge 70”, Cláudio Jorge

Best Brazilian Popular Music Album: “Belo Horizon”, Toninho Horta and Orquesta Fantasma

My best country music album: “Origens [Ao vivo en Sete Lagoas, Brazil/2019], Paula Fernandes

Best album of music with roots in the Portuguese language: “Veia Nordetina”, Mariana Aydar

Best song in the Portuguese language: “Abricó-de-macaco”, Francisco Bosco and Joao Bosco

Best Latin Music Album for Children: “Canta y Jue,” Tina Kids

Best Classical Music Album: “Eternal gratitude”, Paulina Leisring, Domingo Pagliuca and Samuel Pilafian

Best contemporary classical work / composition: “Sacre”, Carlos Fernando López and José Valentino

Best arrangement: “La flor de la cinnamon”, Lorenzo Ferrero

Best packaging design: “I am pure theater – Tribute to La Lupe”, Pedro Fajardo

Best Recording Engineering for an Album: “3:33”, Daniel Bitrán Arizpe, Daniel Dávila, Justin Moshkevich, George Noriega, Erick Roman, Paul Rubinstein & JC Vertti, engineers; Miles Comaskey, Najeeb Jones & Tony Maserati, mixers; Dale Becker, mastering engineer (Debi Nova)

Producer of the year: Andrés Torres and Mauricio Rengifo

Best Short Version Music Video: “TKN”, Rosalía and Travis Scott

Best long version music video: “The lost world of Cumbiana”, Carlos Vives.


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