Dominika Gottová (47): SUDDEN DEATH OF A FRIEND!

Laiho had health problems. “He was a great friend of ours and once a Helsinki neighbor. He died so young, that’s terrible, “Dominika cried when she found out about her friend’s death. “He has worked in several bands. The most famous of them was Children Of Bodom, he was with her several times in the Czech Republic, “described a devotee of hard music. The last time the group played in the Czech Republic was in 2019 at the Masters of Rock festival in Vizovice in the Zlín region.

Dominika doesn’t know exactly what was bothering her friend. “It must have been a cancer because he wasn’t dying. I just hope that covid has not been involved in all this yet, “sighed Karel Gott’s eldest daughter († 80). He won’t get to Finland for the last farewell to a friend. “I’m not going to Helsinki now. I am waiting for our application for social support to be resolved, and only then will I make the final decision to return to Finland, “she added. Gott.

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They didn’t take her for health

After being kicked out of delicacies in a Prague shopping center, Dominika is trying to find a new job in the Czech Republic. This is despite the fact that he will probably move back to Helsinki after resolving the situation with the authorities in Finland. “I tried an interview with Amazon. They would take me to the warehouse, but I got burned during the medical examination. I have high blood pressure, which I didn’t know, and I had to start treatment immediately, “Aha! Described.

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