Dominika Gottová: Suffering and loneliness catch up with her, the case with her brother is escalating!

“I’m sure he’s my half-brother. We don’t know each other very well, we’ve only seen each other sporadically,” Dominika Gott says repeatedly to various media outlets.

Although Alice Kovácsová has been married to actor Ondřej Havelka for years, she does not deny the information about her illegitimate son Gott!

“I know the statements from the book and I respect what is written there. Otherwise I will not comment on it,” said Karel Gott’s former mistress according to Expresu web Picture. But why didn’t she deny the information?

Ivana Gottová refuses to comment on the whole case, as always she remains in the position of a lady and tactfully silent. Whether the public will finally find out what it was like then was really in the stars…


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