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Dominique Ducharme shaken | VAT News

Dominique Ducharme met with members of the media on Monday ahead of the Canucks-Canadiens game.

The head coach seemed shaken when asked to comment on the departure of his former boss, Marc Bergevin.

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“I spoke to him a few times yesterday. We talk about hockey, but we work with people every day. Seeing someone leave is never pleasant. There is hockey, but there are also people. In the last few months, we’ve been talking to each other at least once a day. Often it was two or three times a day. He is someone who is passionate and has integrity. I still have a good relationship with him. ”

Ducharme also confirmed that he spoke with his new boss, Jeff Gorton.

“We spoke quickly yesterday. It was mostly a small introduction. We’re gonna sit down together when he arrives. I can’t wait to meet him and look forward. ”

In addition, the players of the Montreal Canadiens received a nice visit before the game against the Vancouver Canucks, Monday night at the Bell Center, when Shea Weber came to greet them.

Dominique Ducharme’s men seemed visibly happy to see their captain again, who has been absent from the entourage of the team since the start of the season, he who prefers to remain in his native British Columbia to deal with many words that could prevent playing another game in the National Hockey League.

In a video published by the Montreal organization, defender Alexander Romanov seems particularly happy to see the 36-year-old athlete again, who greets him with a warm handshake. Weber even briefly added to his teammates’ traditional soccer juggling game.

Weber, who has 589 points in 1,038 career Bettman Tour games, may well have played his last game last July, when CH lost Game 5 and the Stanley Cup Playoff Final to the Tampa Bay Lightning. It was also the defender’s first presence at this stage of the spring dance.


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