Donald Trump again denies climate change: “It’s getting cooler again”

Devastating forest fires are raging in California. That is why the US President is traveling to the critical area. His statements about the climate cause opponent Biden to a devastating verdict.

US President Donald Trump has the again on a visit to the forest fire areas in California Climate change denied. The world climate will soon cool down again, said Trump on Monday in Sacramento. “It’s going to be cooler again. You’ll see,” he said to California’s director of natural resources, Wade Crowfoot. Crowfoot replied, “I wish science would agree with you.”

You can find the sensational excerpt in our video or above here.

Inadequate care is said to have caused fires

For the huge ones Forest fires In the western United States, Trump once again blamed inadequate care of the forests at the meeting with emergency services and officials. “There has to be strong forest management,” demanded Trump. Fallen trees would become very dry after a short time. “They really do become like a match. They just explode,” Trump said.

California Governor Gavon Newsom admitted there is a need to improve forest management, but linked the fires with climate change: “The heat waves are getting hotter and the droughts are getting drier,” said the politician of the opposition Democrats. Climate change is “real” and exacerbates the crisis.

Trump had traveled to the disaster region to receive personal briefing about the huge fires. Even before his visit, a heated political dispute had broken out over the cause of the fire.

Biden: Trump is “climate arsonist”

The Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden called Trump a “climate arsonist” just before his arrival in California. Because Trump denies climate change, he also shares responsibility for the forest fires, Biden said on Monday in his home state of Delaware: “If a climate arsonist will be in for four more years White house no one will be surprised if more of America is on fire. “

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The presidential candidate of the opposition Democrats accused Trump of not taking responsibility for the forest fires. “We need a president who respects science, who understands that the destruction caused by climate change is already here,” said the former vice president.

The devastating fires that have raged for days in western states such as California, Oregon and Washington have already killed at least 35 people, 27 of them in the past week alone. Dozens more people are missing. More than 30,000 firefighters are fighting the flames, which have already devastated around two million hectares of land and destroyed thousands of homes.


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