Donald Trump visited California and dismissed concerns about the climate crisis: “It’s going to get cold, science doesn’t know”

Trump dismisses climate change

US President Donald Trump dismissed that climate change is the cause of the deadly forest fires that hit the west of the country, during a visit to California, one of the states most affected by the flames.

The president went to the state capital Sacramento on Monday to learn about the situation in the area before resuming his campaign activities for the November 3 elections. Governor Gavin Newsom told the president in a meeting that “climate change is real and it has exacerbated this.”

However, Trump contradicted him and assured that the climate “will begin to cool down, we just have to wait”. Confronted by the research data, he replied: “I don’t think science really knows”.

For his part, Wade Crowfoot, head of the California Natural Resources Agency, noted: “I wish the science agreed with you.”

A focus of the fires is approaching the communities of Sierra Madre and Arcadia, in California (Reuters / John Mirabella)

When asked by journalists whether he believed climate change was a factor in the declaration and rapid spread of these devastating fires, replied that “many things are possible”, avoiding confirming the link.

Scientific consensus indicates that the magnitude of these fires is linked to climate change, which exacerbates a chronic drought and causes extreme weather conditions. Global warming amplifies droughts, creating ideal conditions for wildfires to spread uncontrollably and cause unprecedented damage.

But Trump insists that the fires are the result of alleged mismanagement of the forests in these states, which are controlled by the opposition party. “We have to do a lot with forest management“He said when he arrived in California, also assuring that the trees” explode. “

Trump, along with California authorities (Reuters)
Trump, along with California authorities (Reuters)

When the trees fall, after a short period of time, about 18 months, they become very dry. They become really like a match … they just explode”, He launched, generating criticism and ridicule on social networks. Newsom acknowledged that better management is needed, but noted that most of the forests are located on federal lands.

For its part, Joe Biden lashed out at Trump’s position on global warming. “We can commit to moving forward together because we know that climate change is an existential challenge that will determine the future of our country”, or “we can choose the path of Donald Trump: ignore the facts, deny the reality, which is to surrender completely,” he added. . In short, he said that the Republican leader is a “climate arsonist”For its environmental policies.

Smoke covers the Los Angeles sky (Reuters)
Smoke covers the Los Angeles sky (Reuters)

The dozens of outbreaks that have devastated the west coast for days have left at least 35 dead since the beginning of the boreal summer, 27 of them in the last week in the states of Washington, Oregon and California.

In all, some 5 million hectares have been burned down on the west coast, prompting Democratic leaders to insist on the need to fight climate change, an issue the president has been skeptical about since. years ago. The crisis is not over yet: the fires are still active and the fire season theoretically lasts until November.

In Washington state, also affected by the fires, Gov. Jay Inslee, also a Democrat, criticized Trump’s “false” claims in an open letter. “His refusal to respond to climate change – and the steps he has taken to allow even more carbon pollution – will accelerate devastating fires like the ones seen today.”

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