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Donald Tusk supports joining the eurozone. “Take it easy, step by step”

Donald Tusk at the meeting with residents of Krosno Odrzańskie today supported Poland’s membership in the euro area. – So strategically and politically, I would urge everyone to calmly, step by step prepare Poland for the euro area, knowing that it brings good results, but not always and not necessarily guaranteed. Apart from that, there must be a good policy – says the leader of the PO.

The politician stressed that joining the eurozone is one of the components of integrating and strengthening European unity. – Very important for our state – he added.

500 more will remain?

Later in his speech, Donald Tusk stressed that if he took the reins of power, his government would not withdraw from the 500 plus project.

– If people find it, so be it. No one will be there, no party at all will win the election and change what the government has already committed to provide in the form of for example 500 more. There’s nothing to worry about here, I’m not saying it just for myself. Nobody will move it – says Donald Tusk.

The PO leader has been advocating for Leszek Balcerowicz and his liberal policies since 1990. – I would be careful with the slogan “Balcerowicz must return”, because I believe the methods used then, in 1989, provided a good foundation. for a very rapid development, but it left a lot of bad memories. Whether it’s justified or not, let’s put it aside, because everyone has their own experience – he emphasized.

Tusk: PiS can be beaten, not a demon

The politician also argued that it was possible to defeat the United Right in the next election.

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– It is absolutely important not to recognize that PiS is omnipotent and omnipotent, because PiS is as strong as its weak competitors. It’s not 90 percent. Paul wants to vote for Kaczynski’s party today, only between 30 and 36 percent, in this area. This is a good result, but it is not 80 or 90 percent, it is 35 percent. That means 65 percent. it must come to its senses, said the former prime minister.

Later in his speech, Tusk attacked the leaders with strong words, suggesting, for example, that they rigged the election.

– You can really beat them in elections and you don’t have to steal public media, you don’t have to manipulate elections, you don’t have to be 100 percent. in DPS. You don’t have to prepare for the election, you don’t have to do any of the things PiS does to win the election. It is enough to believe in your own strength, to understand that it is not a demon, but quite corrupt, ineffective and dangerous to our power today, so you must be well organized, able to reconcile different tendencies, go to elections and win – he argued.

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