Donate Meow! Humane Society launches “Kitten Shower” for Its Cat Babies – NBC 7 San Diego

The San Diego Humane Society will host a “Kitten Shower” for
the cats entrusted to him – and don’t miss the presents!

The nonprofit has created an Amazon registry full of necessary items
take care of her puppies, such as warmers, scales and bottles, that San
The diegans can donate to the group. Click here
for the complete list.

“In San Diego, our kitten season is practically all year round. It starts in March and usually runs until late autumn, ”Dariel Walker with the San Diego Humane Society told NBC 7.

Photo: Dona Meow! Humane Society will launch “Kitten Shower” for its cat babies

Donations will support the Humane Society of San Diego
Kitten Nursey, which was founded in 2008 to take care of orphaned cats in the
area – many of whom would face the possibility of being euthanized, the
he said nonprofit.

“During this period, thousands of underage orphaned kittens
will rely on our Kitten Nursery for the 24-hour assistance they need
survive, ”wrote the San Diego Humane Society in its description of the register.

The nursery plans to take care of 3,500 puppies over the
during 2020.

Donations can also be collected in person from one of the non-profit organizations
San Diego locations
starting on Tuesday. Even the nursery accepts monetary
donations on its website

To learn more about Kitten Shower, visit the site San
Diego Humane Society website


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