Doncic starts strong: the hesitation everyone is talking about


The regular season in the NBA has not yet started and Luka Doncic is already giving what to talk about. The Slovenian player, who became one of the top stars of the Dallas Mavericks (if not already the oldest), wore the Detroit Pistons in preseason.

It was only a preparation match but the former Real Madrid player did not miss it and showed some plays of his amazing repertoire. Doncic was removed from the sleeve this time a bus between his legs to then launch a 'bomb' to the hoop in the purest Navarro style.

After a first season in which the young player amazed American fans, Luka Doncic faces a campaign this year to devote himself to the best league in the world. And at the moment it seems that he is looking forward to it.

The Luka Doncic + Kristaps Porzingis Pick & Roll is confirmed deadly.— Nick Angstadt (@NickVanExit)

October 10, 2019 . (tagsToTranslate) luka (t) doncic


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