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Don’t know what to wear? The lousy post of Guillermo López!

The famous presenter revealed some of his greatest concerns before marrying the love of his life.

The “Peeled” Lopez He became known more than a decade ago as one of the “spicy” notaries of “CQC”. The previous one was the cycle that the media entrepreneur used to conduct, Mario Pergolini. For years he was responsible for persecuting members of the show to ask them burning questions. In addition, many will remember him for his performance as a driver of the famous compilation program “Zapping.”

López lives a present away from television cameras but focused on his radio work. As for his personal life, Guillermo experiences one of the most special moments since there are days left for his marriage to Nella Ghorghor On the wedding the driver spread: “March 13 is the civilian and April 4 by Church. It is really formalizing something that is already there. ”

Although everything seems rosy, Lopez published a “story” on Instagram and revealed his concerns about the important event. Regarding the aforementioned, he said: “With the entire organization of the wedding…, lounge, catering, DJ, VJ, screens, bands, civil, religious, judge, priest, dress of the bride, dress of the bride for the civilian, I forgot a little detail. What the hell am I going to wear, because to this day I have neither the clothes of the civilian, nor the clothes of the religious. ”

Then he added in a gossip: “I think I’m going to be dressed like the Mayan Brujito.” On the other hand, he gave more details of their relationship: “We live together and it’s like giving something formal to something that I actually feel married to her. It will not vary too much, but it seemed nice to celebrate that we met, ”said the famous.

In conclusion and in a romantic tone Guillermo spoke of his special feelings for Nella: “I think Nella is the right person to accompany me for the rest of my life. The initiative was mine, when I turned 50 and in front of all my guests, who were like 80 and nobody knew, and in front of everyone I proposed marriage and luckily he said yes. ”

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