“Don’t let me be the last of the person you love the most”

The doctor Carolina Guerra, who has become known for delivering multiple tips to combat the coronavirus, shared on his Instagram account a shocking image of a patient infected with Covid-19Furthermore, he took advantage of a deep reflection.

“I ask you who are planning the holidays … or you who want to go for a walk to the mall and do not mind standing in line … or you who are in a restaurant without a mask for much longer than it takes to eat …Do you know what I’m showing you? It is not a horror movie … it is the reality of an Air transfer of a patient with Covid … a claustrophobic experience, wrapped in a plastic capsule, with tubes, probes, irons and chains… Yes! Underneath all that there is a patient… ”, he began by saying on the social network.

Along these lines, he added: “If you believe that this will not happen to you … I beg you to think for a second what it would mean to live without the person you love the most… Your mother, your sister… your son ”.

“Covid is a disease transmitted by interactions between people where the saliva of a stranger reaches your throat and makes you sick.”

Finally, he indicated that “don’t let this experience be the last image of the person you love the most“.


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